Do florist flowers last longer than supermarket flowers?

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Whether or not florist flowers will last longer than supermarket flowers will depend on several factors:

  • The quality of the flowers
  • The storage of the flowers
  • The handling of the flowers
  • The processing of the flowers
  • The environment in which the flowers will be displayed
  • The purchaser or receiver's treatment of the flowers

First off in general florist flowers are of higher quality than grocery store flowers.  Flowers come in different grades.  Many grocery store chains purchase flowers in bulk and they are normally not the highest grade.

Secondly, most grocery stores offer pre-made arrangements and bouquets that are stored on the sales floor or in open face coolers.  Florists on the other hand often create arrangements as they are ordered from flowers that are kept in enclosed coolers to keep them fresher longer.

Third, how the flowers are handled is very important.  A florist knows how to handle and treat flowers and their flowers are normally kept away from the general public.  Grocery store flowers on the other hand can be manipulated and touched by the public.  The more you handle and jostle flowers, the more likely they are to not make it back into water or to be broken.

Fourth, processing.  Each flower type needs to be processed a specific way after it arrives from the wholesaler.  Florists are experts in knowing how to process flowers, grocery store workers may not be as well versed.

Fifth, the environment the flowers will be displayed in.  Flowers should always be displayed out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources including stoves and heating vents. Cold slows the decomposition process while heat speeds it up.

And lastly, How the flowers are treated.  Flowers can be kept alive longer by changing the water frequently, cutting the stems every day, and removing any dying or dead flowers.

In general florist flowers should last longer than supermarket flowers given all of the criteria listed above.

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