If you are having ANY ISSUES ordering online please call  931-398-4633 and we can assist you.  If it's after hours email  If you run into any errors or confusion, please call and let us know so we can make the ordering process easier for everyone!

Here are the steps for ordering online:

  • Select an arrangement from the main page or any category page.
  • Fill out the notecard message.
  • Using the calendar click the date you would like delivery or pickup
  • Click the ADD TO CART button.
  • The cart will pop up to show you your selection, click the CHECKOUT button.
  • A SUGGESTED ADD-ONS pop up may appear.  Select any add-ons you would like to include and then click CONTINUE.  If you don't want to add anything click CONTINUE.
  • On the CHECKOUT page fill out your email address and then select DELIVERY or PICK UP. (The cart defaults to DELIVERY)
  • Fill out the recipient's address and phone number.
  • Confirm the recipient's phone number.
  • Enter your billing information and leave Michelle a tip if you would like.
  • Please don't forget to include YOUR phone number.
  • Click the PAY NOW button and your order will process.

You will receive confirmation of the order being placed on your screen and you will also receive an email receipt.  If there are any issues or questions with your order we will contact you ASAP during regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8-4 and Saturday 10-4.

Thank you for your order! 

Please don't hesitate to contact the shop at 931-398-4633 if you have any issues! 

If it's after hours you can email us at