Are supermarket flowers better than florists?

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In general supermarket flowers are lower quality than florist flowers.  Supermarket chains purchase flowers in bulk to receive discounts across several stores.  Some even have farms that grow flowers just for them.  Flowers have different grades and generally grocery stores do not stock or use the highest-grade flowers, while florists normally do.

Grocery store flowers are often cheaper than florist flowers for these reasons.  If you look at how grocery store flowers are kept and displayed, in open face coolers or even in cardboard boxes by the checkout line, it's pretty easy to tell that florists take better care of their flowers than a grocery store. 

While a grocery store may have a dedicated floral section and floral workers, it's rare that they have a professional florist or designer on-site during all business hours.  A florist on the other hand is in their shop the entire time it's open, there's almost always a designer on hand to assist you with a custom order.  Grocery store flower sections are normally more premade, grab-and-go oriented.

Florists store their flowers in closed coolers overnight so that they stay fresher longer.  Grocery stores leave flowers out or leave them in open coolers that do not stay as cold.  Florists generally sell out flowers daily or throw out flowers that are older.  A grocery store will often simply discount old flowers and place them near the self-checkout aisle to get rid of.  A grocery store bouquet is quick and cheap, a florist bouquet is more expensive, but is custom designed using higher quality flowers.

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