Dispelling the baby's breath wedding flower myth

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We've noticed a trend in wedding florals lately that pushes the idea that greenery and baby's breath can serve as a cheap alternative to using aisle flowers or floral table runners.  In our experience neither is cheap.  It takes a large amount of baby's breath to fill a vase or a meadow box.  Making clouds of it is even more expensive.  The additional bunches you need to take up the same amount as actual flowers negates almost any savings.

As for greens?  Greens are not cheap.  Eucalyptus is the most common green used in floristry and it is by no means inexpensive.  Anytime you use a single flower or green, it takes more to make it look full.  

Another thing to keep in mind about requesting baby's breath and greenery only from florists is that it simply doesn't excite them.  Florists are creatives by nature.  They want to work with flowers, and each have their own unique style that is hard to impart on an event limited to greenery and baby's breath.  In these instances, you'd be better off visiting a floral wholesaler that's open to the public and DIYing your own wedding florals.  Keeping in mind that it may take several trips to get the actual amounts of greenery or baby's breath you will need.

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Baby's Breath for Wedding Flowers - Middle Tennessee



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