What is a normal amount to spend on wedding flowers?

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There is no set "normal amount" you should spend on your wedding flowers.  What you spend on each aspect of your wedding will depend on how important that part is to you and your spouse-to-be.  If flowers are more important to you than food because they will be in all of your photos, then you should spend more on your flowers than on your food.

Websites like theknot.com will tell you that the "industry average" for wedding flowers is 10% of your full wedding budget.  So, if you're spending $25K on our wedding your flowers should be around $2500.  As a real, working florist in 2024 we can tell you that that number is deceiving.  Averages mean very little on a personalized level.  If you are having a home wedding or your venue is not that expensive then you would have more money to spend on flowers.  And again, you should spend more money on the parts of your wedding that are the most important to YOU.

Many florists have minimums for creating, delivering, and setting up wedding flowers that far exceed the standard 10% of your total wedding spend.  While this number may be used as a general guide, if a florist bids your wedding and it's much higher that could be due to a number of factors including the number of flowers, types of flowers, where you're located and when your wedding will be taking place.

At Bloomstall Flower Boutique we personalize our wedding flower offerings for each couple.  If you are in the middle Tennessee area and would like a quote please visit our WEDDING FLOWERS page.

What is a normal amount to spend on wedding flowers?


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