The Bloomstall Story - A love for flowers blooms into a business

The original Bloom Stall in the Columbia Arts Building.
The original Bloomstall inside the Columbia Arts Building

Bloomstall was born out of owner Michelle's simple decision to have fresh flowers in her home every week. She decided to make this idea a priority in the spring of 2019. Later that year, an opportunity arose for her to sell flowers out of a small, gated stall in the Columbia Arts Building. With some gentle nudging from her husband, she signed a lease on the 10'x15' space and began researching flower wholesalers in middle Tennessee. She visited local antique shops to pull together the tables and storage she needed to display her flower selection in buckets, and opened in the fall of 2019.

The stall began selling out every weekend almost immediately, and it wasn't very long before brides-to-be began asking her to design the florals for their weddings. It only took a few weddings to realize that the stall was simply too small for event work.

The original Bloomstall inside the Columbia Arts Building.
Michelle visiting with a customer in the original stall.

Michelle began looking for a larger space near downtown Columbia and happened upon her current spot in the New South Marketplace at 510 North Garden, Suite B. The building had been freshly renovated, having formally been a tire shop, and the large windows and high ceilings were perfect for a flower shop.  She signed the lease in early 2020, and then the world shut down.

Fern the Flower Truck and Michelle

 A unique side endeavor, Michelle purchased Fern the flower truck around the same time she opened the stall in the Columbia Arts Building.  Michelle's husband CJ drove Fern to events and sold flowers out of a bucket line in the bed.  Keeping up with old trucks is an expensive endeavor so the flower truck was short lived, but is a much loved part of the lore of Bloomstall Flower Boutique.


Thanks in no small part to a very generous landlord and several fiercely loyal customers, Bloomstall made it through the pandemic. Today Michelle flowers weddings, events, and those everyday moments. She hopes to be able to assist you with YOUR unique flower needs. You can find Michelle at the shop most weekdays, and she loves interacting with customers. She handpicks every product that is offered in the shop and prioritizes purchasing from women-owned companies. Bloomstall's carefully curated collection includes several candle lines, soaps, bath bombs, lip tints, nail polish, perfumes, bandanas, headbands, overnight bags, jewelry, local women-made art, and, of course, fresh and dried flowers.

The current Bloomstall space at 510 North Garden.
The current Bloomstall Flower Boutique at 510 North Garden St.

Michelle has spent the last 4+ years honing her craft. She is constantly learning new techniques through workshops, books, and the advice of her mentor, Carol, who ran a successful flower shop and wedding venue in Columbia with her husband for several years.

Stop by the shop and visit with Michelle and the rest of the staff at 510 North Garden Suite B, Monday through Friday 8-4 and Saturday 10-4.