Is it better to order from a local florist?

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When asking if it's better to order from a local florist we must also ask, better than what?  If the question is: Is it better to order from a local florist than an online floral network like FTD or Teleflora, it really depends on what you're looking for in a flower arrangement and what you're willing to pay.

Local florists can be members of a flower network like FTD or Teleflora, or they can be independent.  If they are a member of a network they pay a yearly fee, the networks advertise in their city, and then when they receive an order, they send it to a local florist in their network.  So, in effect the networks are middlemen.  This means at the end of the day it doesn't matter if you call a local florist, it matters more whether or not you call an independent florist.

A network affiliated florist is bound to the styles of arrangements shown on the network websites.  They have to create your arrangement based off of a formula created by the network.  This leaves little room for creativity; they are basically copying an arrangement someone else designed.  

An independent florist on the other hand has free range to design an arrangement just for you.  They can incorporate flowers you like, colors you like, and pick a vessel that matches your arrangement.  They don't have to rely on a strict formula.  Anytime there is more room for creativity the final artistic project is simply going to be better.  When you call a local, independent florist you also normally get to speak to the actual designer.  

When you order from a local, independent florist all of the money you spend is also going directly to the florist and will be pumped back into that community.  When you order from a network affiliated florist the network keeps a chunk of the money.

In our opinion it's always better to order from a local, INDEPENDENT, florist.  If you're looking to send flowers in the Columbia, Tennessee area or are in need of event or wedding flowers in the middle Tennessee area please consider Bloomstall Flower Boutique.  A true, local, independent florist.


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