What is the definition of a florist? Webster's has it wrong

Posted by Michelle Hughes on

A florist is not merely someone who sells flowers and plants as the Merriam-Webster dictionary states.  A florist is a flower designer, even a floral artist.  A florist purchases flowers from floral wholesalers and local growers and then designs and creates floral arrangements.  Independent florists create their own unique designs while florists in a network like FTD or Teleflora copy designs that the network approves.

It isn't very often that a full time, brick and mortar florist is also a flower grower.  There just simply isn't enough time to do both jobs well. Flower farming is a full time just just as running a florist shop is.  Some flower farms sell at farmer's markets and from stalls but very few of them are able to maintain a full-time florist shop.

Some traditional florists also sell plants, but many modern florists do not.  Most plants that are sold by florists are tropical and a florist shop needs to stay cool, and those two things don't mix well.  

Therefor floristry isn't merely the practice of selling flowers and plants, it is its own art form. 

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