Who is called a florist?

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Collinsdictionary.com states A florist is a shopkeeper who arranges and sells flowers and sells house plants.  This paints a very small picture and does not really capture the artistry of being a florist.  Many modern florists also do not sell house plants.

A florist is more than a shopkeeper.  They are designers and artists that express their artistic vision in flora.  Flower arranging is a skillset and art that requires years of practice and education to perform correctly.  It's easy to drop flowers into a vase, it's hard to arrange and cut them to a desired shape that is aesthetically pleasing.  It's harder still to know the right kinds of flowers and greenery to use for each given circumstance. 

A florist must also be a purchaser.  They select all of the flowers they will use from flower wholesalers and local growers.  They must keep up with modern wedding flower trends and purchase the kinds of flowers people want used in their arrangements and bouquets.

A florist is a constant student.  The education of a florist is never complete.  There are always new methods and ideas in the world of floristry.  It is an industry driven by trends as well as classic styles that never go out of fashion.

There is no official body that decide who can be called a florist.  If you open a flower shop and sell flowers you are one.   Experience and education are what separates someone just selling flowers and a true floral artist dedicated to their craft.

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