Is it better to order from a local florist or online?

Posted by Michelle Hughes on

The top reasons to order from a local florist instead of online from websites like FTD and Telefora are:

  • When you use a local florist, you are dealing with the actual people that will design the flower arrangement you purchase.
  • When you pay a local florist directly all of the money goes to that florist, no percentage is paid to order taking websites like FTD.
  • When you pay a local florist, your money stays in that community.
  • When you use a local, independent florist your flowers won't look like a carbon copy of the run of the mill, old fashioned flower designs found on many national flower conglomerate websites.
  • When you use a local florist, you can call and speak to them.  When you call FTD or Telefora you are speaking to a salesman at a call center.

Keep in mind that all of the large, national websites that claim to sell or send flowers are actually just order takers.  They then disperse those orders to local florists in their network that must adhere to the styles and designs found on the network's website.  True, local, independent florists can be more creative and often have unique or one of a kind flower arrangements.

Bloomstall Flower Boutique in Columbia, Tennessee is a full service, independent florist.  We deliver flowers to Columbia, Spring Hill, Mount Pleasant, Thompson's Station, Santa Fe and Culleoka.  Please visit our main page to see our flower options.

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