Is it cheaper to call a local florist?

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Whether it's cheaper to call a local florist to order flowers depends on the type of arrangement you want to send, and the price point you consider cheap.  Quality flowers from a professional florist are not a cheap item, they lean closer to a luxury one.  There are all monetary levels of flower arrangements from $12 bouquets found at many grocery stores and big box retailers as loss leaders, to high end luxury arrangements that can cost over $1000.00

To determine if it's cheaper to call a local florist we also have to ask, cheaper than what?  Cheaper than using a floral network like FTD or Teleflora online? If the florist you call is a member of one of these floral networks, also referred to as an order taking website, then their prices will be the same as what's listed on those websites.  Independent florists on the other hand set their own prices.

At Bloomstall Flower Boutique our average price for a custom flower arrangement is $85.00  We have arrangements that are less expensive and arrangements that are more expensive. 

When you order from a local florist the price you pay will depend on a few factors.

  • The florist's minimum for an arrangement
  • Whether or not they are a member of a floral network like FTD
  • Where you are located, services are typically more expensive in metropolitan areas
  • Whether the florist operates as a low-cost florist or the cheapest in town, a midline florist, or a higher end, luxury florist

Bloomstall Flower Boutique is not the cheapest florist in Columbia, Tennessee, and we will never aim to be.  We believe it takes a certain dollar amount to maintain the quality our customers have come to expect from our flower arrangements.  If you need to send flowers to anyone in the Columbia, Tennessee area including Spring Hill, Mount Pleasant, Culleoka, or Thompson's Station please consider us.  We are also available for event flowers, including weddings, anywhere in the middle Tennessee area including Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Lewisburg, and Lawrenceburg.



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