How long should flowers from a flower shop last?

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While the timeframe that flowers will last varies from flower to flower, the general rule of thumb is that well taken care of flower arrangements from professional florist shops should last 5-7 days.

This time frame is assuming that the flowers are well taken care of from the moment you received them.  Temperature changes, direct sunlight, warm spots in your house, and even fruits and vegetables in the vicinity of your fresh flower arrangement can affect how long the flowers in it will last.

To make certain your fresh flower arrangement lasts as long as possible we suggest the following:

  • If flowers are being delivered to you make sure you are home to receive them so that they don't spend any time outside on your porch or doorstep.
  • Once your flowers are in your home place them in a spot away from heat vents and other heat sources, and out of direct sunlight.
  • Make certain that there are no fruits or vegetables in close proximity to your flower arrangement.  They release ethylene gas, a naturally occurring wound hormone that causes flowers to wither and die.
  • Change the water daily and keep the vessel full.  Always use cold, fresh water.  If your water is highly chlorinated, consider using filtered water.  Clean the vessel while you're at it for even longer life.
  • Trim the stems of your flowers daily.  Using a sharp, clean pair of scissors or pruning shears trim about a quarter of an inch off of your stems.  Cut at an angle so they don't sit flat in your vessel.
  • Make certain there are no leaves or petals in the water.  They will gunk up the water and make it harder for your flowers to take in water.
  • Place your flowers in a spot that's highly visible for maximum enjoyment, but out of the way enough that they won't get bumped.
  • Don't place your flowers in the refrigerator, again, because of the fruits and vegetables.

Taking these extra steps will help make your fresh floral arrangement last longer.  At Bloomstall Flower Boutique we only create mixed floral arrangements.  That way when a certain kind of flower wilts you can pull it and still enjoy the rest.  With single flower arrangements, like a dozen roses, they will more than likely all wilt at the same time.

How long should flowers from a flower shop last?


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