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When deciding on which flowers to include in an arrangement for a birthday it's best to consider the personality and likes of the receiver.  Many florists will include cheery and colorful flowers in their birthday arrangements, but what if the receiver is more refined or partial to neutral colors?

At Bloomstall Flower Boutique we design by color palate instead by specific flowers.  We have flower arrangements that are refined, using a single color such as white, and arrangements that are inspired by the seasons of the year.  While we don't use a lot of bold, bright colors in our exclusive arrangements we can certainly include some punches of the colors you are looking for in most instances.

Many florists will use dyed flowers, especially when they want to use the color blue in an arrangement.  This is because there aren't a lot of blue flowers in nature that hold up well in flower arrangements.  We choose not to use any flowers that have had dye added to them.

A birthday is certainly a happy occasion and deserves a happy flower arrangement, but that can cross over into garishness very quickly.  That's something to keep in mind when selecting a flower arrangement to send to a loved one, friend, or co-worker on their birthday.

If you are looking for send a birthday flower arrangement in Columbia, Tennessee please review our ever-growing selection of exclusive flower arrangements.  


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