Where do most people buy flowers?

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There are several places you can purchase fresh flowers.  Where you buy your flowers from depends on how they will be used.

Grocery store flowers:  The bunches and simple bouquets at the checkout are normally a lower quality flower than a florist or flower shop.  Expect them to last 3-5 days.  Grocery store flowers are good for adding a pop of color to just about any room.

Flower stand flowers:  If you live in a rural area there may be a flower farm near you that sells flowers on a roadside stand.  Keep in mind that these flowers have been outside in the heat after being cut so their vase life will be shorter.  

Farmer's market flowers:  Similar to flower stand flowers they will be very fresh, often cut that morning, but they will have braved whatever the temperature is that day.

Florist flowers:  in general florists sell higher grade flowers than grocery stores.  Flower growers sell their wares in different grades and because grocery stores buy by the truckload and sell cheap, they purchase lower grade flowers.  Florists sell the best grade flowers and use them in their custom arrangements.  The difference you are paying from grocery store flowers to a florist is for their expertise in designing a custom flower arrangement and for the better quality flowers.

Wild flowers:  During the right seasons you can also stop along the road and pick your own flowers.  Keep in mind that some varieties do not like to be picked and may close up soon afterward.

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