Should You DIY Your Wedding Flowers?

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There are thousands of articles online about DIY'ing your own wedding flowers to save money.  While the main positive of DIY wedding florals is cost savings there are also losses when you choose to create your own wedding bouquet.

For starters the most obvious loss is the experience of a professional wedding floral designer.  There's a big difference between professionally designed wedding flower arrangements and Costco wedding flowers that you bunch together yourself.  While both can be beautiful, a professional wedding florist will always know the best way to make your wedding flowers look outstanding and last as long as possible.  Their knowledge of in season flowers, flower vase life, complimentary flowers and flowers colors is not something that can be learned from a few videos on a wedding inspiration website.

Professional wedding florists are also used to working with planners, coordinators and venues.  They are aware of the specific requirements from the wedding venues in your area.

While on the the surface purchasing discount or cheap flowers from Costco, Amazon or similar to save money on your wedding flowers made sound easy, what is your back up plan when those flowers wilt or arrive unusable?  If you had hired a professional wedding floral designer they would have extra flowers on hand and would be able to fix wedding floral related issues on the spot.  That's the reason it's more expensive to use a wedding floral artist than doing your wedding flowers DIY.

In the end it comes down to how much risk you are willing to accept when doing your own wedding flowers and how much time you are willing to spend learning floral design basics so that your wedding flowers don't look hodgepodge or thrown together.  There's also the added stress of having to order your own wedding flowers, arrange said flowers, transport, setup, and removal.  The services and peace of mind a qualified wedding florist provides is immense.

If you are in the middle Tennessee area and are second guessing creating your own wedding flower arrangements consider using floral artist Michelle Hughes at Bloomstall Flower Boutique in Columbia, Tennessee.

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