How to keep fresh cut flowers fresher longer?

Posted by Michelle Hughes on

One of the most commonly asked questions of florists is "How do I make my bouquet/arrangement last longer?"

Here are some tips that will help to extend the life of your flower arrangement.

  • If you are buying a wrapped bouquet take it straight home and don't leave it in the car for an extended period.  It's going without water and can wilt quickly. 
  • Snip ALL of the stems about a quarter of an inch and at an angle, you can use a pair of scissors.  The angle is to prevent the stems from lying flat on the bottom of your vessel, which makes it harder for them to drink.
  • Always place fresh flowers in a very clean vessel.  
  • Always use cold water when watering your flowers and keep the water level at least three inches from the bottom of your vase.
  • Change out the water every two days and give your stems another snip, clean the vessel if you can, the cleaner the better. 
  • As the week progresses remove any drooping flowers.
  • There is really no need to add additives or flower food as many websites suggest, clean, cold water and a nice clean vessel are best, and don't forget to snip the stems every few days so they can continue to drink.

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