Caring for your cut flower arrangement for longer floral enjoyment

Posted by Michelle Hughes on

Flowers are scientifically proven to improve your mood!  It doesn't matter if you buy them for yourself or if they are given as a gift, just having flowers around you increases your happiness.  If you want to make that joy last even longer here are some steps you can take to make your fresh cut flower arrangements stick around.

  • Check water level regularly
  • Cut your stems at a 45’ angle every other day and replace the water
  • Keep them away from heat and out of direct sunlight
  • Remove flowers as they droop or wilt
  • Always place fresh flowers in a very clean vessel
  • If floral foam is used in your arrangement, add water to the vessel to keep foam saturated

With a little extra effort you can make your fresh flower arrangement last days or even a week longer than normal.  

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