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The Bloomstall Complete Wedding Flower Checklist

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Wedding Participant Flowers


For the Bride

 Bridal Bouquet

 Bridal Flower Crown

 Bridal Wrist Corsage

 Bridal Gown Corsage

 Bridal Hair Comb


For the Groom

 Groom Boutonniere

 Suit Corsage

 Groom Bouquet 


For the Parents

 Mother's Wrist Corsage

 Mother's Gown Corsage

 Grandmother's Wrist Corsage

 Grandmother's Gown Corsage

 Father's Boutonniere

 Grandfather's Boutonniere

 Parent, Grandparent, Family member Remembrance Flowers for Reserved Chair 


For the Maid of Honor

 Maid of Honor Bouquet

 Maid of Honor Flower Crown

 Maid of Honor Wrist Corsage

 Maid of Honor Gown Corsage

 Maid of Honor Hair Comb


For The Best Man

 Best Man Boutonniere


For the Bridesmaids - Number of Bridesmaids_________

 Bridesmaid Bouquet

 Bridesmaid Flower Crown

 Bridesmaid Wrist Corsage

 Bridesmaid Gown Corsage

 Bridesmaid Hair Comb


For the Flower Girl

 Flower Girl Bouquet

 Flower Girl Petals for Tossing

 Flower Girl Flower Crown

 Flower Girl Wrist Corsage

 Flower Girl Gown Corsage

 Flower Girl Hair Comb

For the Ring Bearer

 Ring Bearer Boutonniere

 Ring Bearer Flower Crown

 Ring Bearer Write Corsage

 Ring Bearer Gown Corsage


For Wedding Officiant

 Wedding Officiant Boutonniere

 Wedding Officiant Flower Crown

 Wedding Officiant Wrist Corsage

 Wedding Officiant Gown Corsage

 Wedding Officiant Hair Comb


For the Master or Mistress of Ceremony


 Wrist Corsage

 Gown Corsage



For the Ushers - Number of Ushers_________

 Usher Boutonniere

 Usher Wrist Corsage

 Usher Gown Corsage

 Usher Flower Crown

 Usher Hair Comb


Wedding Ceremony Flowers


 Welcome Sign Swag

 Welcome Table Arrangement

 Alter Flowers     Number of Arrangements_____

 Archway Flowers

 Arbor Flowers

 Aisle Flowers     Number of Aisles/Pews_______

 Foyer Flowers

 Gift Flowers for Attendees     Number of Attendees______

Wedding Reception Flowers


 Welcome Sign Swag

 Welcome Table Arrangement

 Gift Table Arrangement

 Card Table Arrangement

 Cocktail Table Centerpiece

 Guest Table Arrangements     Number of Tables____

 Head Table Arrangement

 Bride Chair Decor

 Groom Chair Decor

 Tossing Bouquet

 Cake Flowers


Please call or email Michelle with any questions.

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We are unable to give real time, in person quotes for wedding flowers at the shop. Please contact Michelle with your needs. You can fill out the SPECIAL REQUEST form on the website using this checklist as a guide.

Wedding appointments are available before or after regular business hours at the shop.


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