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Use the professional, and not so professional, tools & supplies that Bloomstall owner Michelle uses in her flower shop every single day.  We've tried, tested, and currently use every single item found here!

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Professional floral snips used by florists.
Floral Snips
These are Michelle's personal favorite snips.  They have a beautiful, ergonomic design which is absolutely vital when you spend all day snipping flower stems.
Butcher's Twine
Bloomstall uses this twine in the shop every day to wrap bouquets.  Customers pull stems from the fresh flower bar, and we wrap them in kraft and tissue paper and then tie them off with a bow.
Chiffon white ribbon for wrapping and tying wedding bouquets.


Chiffon Silk-Like White Ribbon

Michelle uses this ribbon to wrap and tie wedding bouquets.


Uniball Gel Gold Stick Pen
Uniball Gel Gold Stick Pen
Using this pen to write out customer's flower notecard messages makes her happy.
Florist's supply coated poultry netting in black
Black Poultry Netting
It will keep birds in a pen and will also help you create beautiful flower arrangements.  Bloomstall is a flower foam free shop.  We use this black coated poultry netting in all of our arrangements.
Poultry wire cutting shears
Milwaukee Jobsite Shears
We use these shears to easily cut the coated poultry wire above.  This allows us to create the unique sizes we need for the different kinds of vessels we use.
Purchase lazy susan for creating flower arrangements
Lazy Susan
No florist shop is complete without a lazy Susan.  It's the best way to check out your arrangement from all angles.  We also use these in our flower arrangement workshops.  Their compact size is a real space saver.
Kraft Paper Covered Wire
Michelle likes to use this natural looking wire for the base of flower crowns.  It's one of about half a dozen wires we keep on hand at the flower shop.
Thin, natural covered wire for flower crown making.
Natural Covered Wire (Thin)
Similar to the wire above but much thinner.  We use this to tie the ends of small flower bundles that we use to build flower crowns.  We also use it to attach those bundles to the thicker flower crown frame.
Purchase floral glue - floral adhesive for making corsages.
Oasis Floral Adhesive
We use this to adhere flowers and greenery to corsage cuffs.  It also works great when building boutonnieres. 
Corsage Pins.
You know, for pinning corsages.
Floral Wire - Florist Supply Shop
22 Gauge Oasis Floral Wire
Used for wiring those naughty ranunculi.
Purchase bottle cleaning brushes.
Bottle Brushes
We use these to clean bud vases.
Order latex coated garden gloves
Latex Coated Garden Gloves
These gloves are perfect for processing flowers.  They keep you from getting sticky and make it easy to strip the leaves off of flower stems.
Order metal flower frog pins.
Metal Pin Flower Frogs
An excellent alternative to flower foam or poultry netting.  These work well in smaller vessels.
Ratcheting Flower Processing Shears

Ratcheting Flower Processing Shears

An excellent tool for cutting thick, woody stems.  The ratchet catches in the middle of the cut and stays in plays so you can apply more cutting power to get through thicker stems without hurting your hand.  A must have!



Purchase floral supply watering can.

Simple Plastic Watering Can

We keep these at our design stations and in our delivery vehicle.  The small opening keeps the water from spilling out easily.

Floral Wrapping Tape

Floral Stem Wrapping Tape

We use this to wrap flowers and greenery together to create boutonnieres.


Fiskars Scissors
Fiskars Scissors
These are our "go to" shears around the shop.  We use them for cutting paper, string, rubber bands, box bands and potato chip bags.
Rubbermaid Commercial Grade Cart
Rubbermaid Commerical Grade Cart
Our unpaid employee.  This thing hauls boxes to the dumpster, buckets to the flower bar, arrangements to the car, it does it all.  It's tough and can be hosed off, enough said.
Stacking metal stools
Stacking Metal Stools
We keep two large stacks of these stools on hand for our workshops.
Order gold fabric scissors
Fancy Fabric Scissors
It is a criminal offense in our shop to use these for ANYTHING besides cutting ribbon.
Order rose stripper - florist supply catalog
Flexible Rose Strippers
Used day in and day out in our shop to de-thorn roses.  A must have if you are arranging or growing roses.



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