How do you spell boutineer? How do you spell boutonniere?

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How do you spell boutineer?

A boutonnière is a small floral decoration worn in a buttonhole or on the lapel of a suit jacket. Grooms and groomsmen often wear boutonnieres at weddings. You will often find the word spelled as “boutineer” on American websites but the proper spelling is actually boutonnière.

Boutonnières are normally held in place with a florist's pin. They can be made of fresh or artificial flowers and often contain a flower bud instead of a fully opened flower.

According to Wikipedia the word Boutonniere derives from the french word; "Buttonhole Flower." Similar to a wedding bouquet, in the 16th century, boutonnieres were used to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. With multiple purposes, It was also used to keep bad scents away and believed to protect against diseases.

Carnations are traditionally the most used flowers for boutonnieres, but florists and floral artists now use all kinds of different flowers and greenery.


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